Laser Tag Electronic Kit

Laser Tag Electronic Kit


Having been completed by over 3000 high school students, these highly engaging laser tag kits are a fun way to teach electronics and soldering. The kits typically take less then 60 minutes to solder and includes all electronic parts and easy to follow instructions.



Here at Escape Room Education we value multi-sensory learning. This is why we want to offer some extra products that we believe bring engagement, interest, and fun to learning.

What could be more fun than running around playing laser tag with your friends? Actually making your own laser tag first! These kits come with all the parts including full instructions with pictures so you can make your own laser tag. It also comes with a QR code so you can watch Dr. Robert Ross (the inventor and an engineering lecturer) explain how the parts work. Don’t forget you need more than one kit to be able to play so shoot off your order now and get ready for some rapid-fire multi-sensory learning.

*Soldering iron and two AAA batteries are required.

BONUS OFFER: For every 10 you order we will send you a bonus kit free.

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